Job Journals

What is the best way to move an purcahse entry from one partlicular job to another job? Is it a job journal? If so what are the correct fields to select?

What r u actually looking for ??? What is actual scenario?

Why don’t you try a combination of Purchase Return Order from one job and Purchase Order into the new job? Wouldn’t that be a easier way to handle this?


Very simple scenario but Jobs functionality new to me. A purchase order has been posted to the incorrect job. I was looking for a way to move the line from one job to another without GL transactions as they stay the same. I would have thought that a job journal would be able to do this but I cannot seem to makeit work.

Harvey, can you tell us / show us what you are not able to work out? I think even with Job Journals you should be able to reverse the effect of a posted purchase against selected jobs.

Hi Chinmoy,

Can u please tell the process of reversing job from job journals?