Reverse Entry!!


I have a question about reversing…this is the scenario, I had a complted purchase invoice, then i also apply payment to it and already print the CV…then it found out that it is wrong amount in Purch Inv., i tried to reverse it, but my question is does the INVENTORY will also move by using the reverse entry…How can I deal with this one, any IDEA? hoping for your reply.TY


The reverse of a purchase invoice with item lines can be very difficult particular when the goods already has been sold and delivered to third parties. In our company we have a workaround for these kind of issues. A few days ago I posted this workaround for a similar problem but this workaround might work for you to.

The way I solved a similar problem was with the help of an item charge. I created an item charge named ‘correction’ and assigned the charge to the initial receipt lines using a purchase invoice.

Maybe this is not a scientific NAV solution but the advantage is that your costs and purchase value in the g/l are correct and the effort is minimal.



Thanks man, I appreciate your reply. I will try this…Thanks[:D]