Posting General Journals to Jobs

I have been asked to make general journals update jobs costs. This would include reversing journals.

I can see that the standard system doesnt do this and I wondered is there a reason for this ? Is it because there is some aspect to this which makes it complex or even impossible ?


I don’t know exactly what are trying to do.
But you have to post those entries using job journal during posting G/L journal.

Actually this is exactly the opposite of how Navision works. I am not sure what systme you are coming form, but really its much easier if you look at Navision in Navision terms, rather than thinking “this is how our old system used to do it, how can I duplicate this in Navision”.

Basically in Navision you have your main ledger, the General Ledger. and then a number of sub ledgers, that store extended detail and have extra functionality. If you just need to make basic financial entries, then you post in the General Journals and it ends there. BUT if you need extra functionality or more detail, then you post in a Sub Ledger, and then that journal poss entries in the General Journals that are then posted into the General Ledger.

So in your case, you wouldn’t spend (aka waste) many hours and dollars of development time, instead you would do it the Navision way, and post a Job’s Journal that would then create the appropriate General Ledger posting.


I’m going to hang in there and push this question (and risk further embarassment and getting put even further in my place).

Using a general journal, you can select an account type of Fixed Asset and post through to a fixed asset, generating a ledger entry for the asset.

What is the significant difference which means that you cant associate a general journal to a job and generate job ledger entries in the same way ?