Item with 0 quantity on hand and large inventory value???

I’m using Navision 5.0 (SP1) and on the item card - item - statistics - statistics we have 1 part that has 0 quantity on hand but has over $6,000 in inventory value.

Any idea how this happened or how to fix it??

Thanks in advance,


At least at my company it is usually because they do a transfer order and it doesn’t come into the new location with the same cost as the old location.

Make sure you’ve run adjust cost, though.

I’ll give that a try Matt.


In addition to Matt’s suggestion - it happens from time to time with average costing, such questions have been already raised here several times…

We’ve had the same problem here. We have automatic cost posting shut off and it will show these 0 quantity with dollars until we run the costing routine.

Thanks for all the replies.


We use FIFO costing does that make a difference??


  1. Make sure the items received have been invoiced
  2. Make sure production orders that are outputed has been changed to finished
  3. Run Adjust Cost

If your system is unchanged, you should see the proper cost when you run the statistics.

Thanks Alex I’ll try all suggestions.