How do i correct Inventory valuation report that shows item with 0 quantity but value

Good day everyone,
I currently work as an ERP Analyst and we use NAV 2017.Recently, when we run our inventory valuation report, we discovered there are some items that have 0 quantity but with value

Please note:
1.Our Average Cost Calc Type in Inventory Setup is set to Item.

2.When we run the inventory valuation, we run for all locations.

How do i go about correcting this please?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Everyone,

I still need your help on this please.

Hi YemiAkins. I think it is hard to answer your question without data (especially about average cost). Could you check all invoices|cost posted and what data do you have for this 1 item

Hi YemiAkins,

Welcome to DUG.

Items with zero quantity, but still showing a value is a very very old Navision problem. If you try to search here on DUG on inventory value quantity 0 then you will see a lot of questions on the same topic. And when it comes to average cost then its even more common. At least among old NAV consultants like me. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

In my experience then this is typically caused by either wrongly applied credit memos or allowing negative inventory (selling before the purchase invoice has been posted). Using manufacturing would will only complicate it.

I have spent many days solving this for customers when I worked as a consultant, but not so much the last 6-7 years. That is due to two reasons, 1) I now mostly work as an solution architect, 2) Microsoft created an item application tool to help you correct most of the issues 3) Most of my clients follow my advise and avoid average cost!

  1. As RedFox wrote, then you need collect all data about the items where this problem occur, and basically analyze all the entries how they have been applied. It may take you hours to find the first, if you have 1000’s of transaction per item. So it helps greatly to be able to narrow when the problem started and start with the items with the smallest number of transactions.

  2. Once you have found the reason(s), then you may be able to use the item application tool to fix most the the problems. You find it here:

If the problems goes back years and your NAV have been upgraded from older versions of Dynamics NAV, like NAV 2013 or older, then the tool may not be enough. In that case you should contact your partner and request one of their senior consultants to help you.

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Thank you.

Actually we use FIFO not average.Sorry for giving the impression we use average.

Thank you Erik.We use FIFO and not average, sorry for giving the impression we use average.

I will check the applications as you suggested. Thank you

about FIFO - it gives less actions to correct.

if you don’t use the production or assemble parts to understand the issue you need to check all item ledger entry lines for each item based on inbound and outbound lines for the item in the “Item Application Entry” table and compare Cost Amount (and find delta). You can write a simple report for it :slight_smile:

Hello Yemi,

I recently had this issue with a client.

Try this with one of the items in your TEST DB first. If it works for you then you can do same in LIVE

1, Filter for the item No in T5804 and uncheck the field “Cost Is Adjusted”. This should also uncheck the “Cost Is Adjusted” in T27 for the item

2, Go to T32. Filter with the item No., positive = yes and Applied Entry to Adjust = No. Set the Applied Entry to Adjust = Yes

3, Run Adjust cost item entries with post cost to G/L true.

4, Go back to the item card. The cost is adjusted should be ticked.

5, Run the valuation report. The item should not come up for this issue anymore


For steps 1&2 I wrote a report to do it.

For 3, some transactions will be posted to the gl. let you finance team know about this. You can control what period these entries will post to by altering your dates in user setup / general ledger setup.


Hello Amanda,
We have a similar issue, and are not able to solve it.
Item 100001 has currently 0 inventory. In CoA, related inventory account shows 0.
In Items, Unit Cost is 10.60852 and Last Direct Cost is 8.34552 in LCY.
A new Purchase Order is posted with Item 100001 billed USD 9.0 or 8.32 in LCY.
We then post a Sales Order.
In the CoA the related inventory account shows now a negative value!
Inventory Setup is set to FIFO and Automatic Cost Adjustment.
I would be very grateful if you could guide us through.
Thanks for your help