Ax2009 stock with 0 qty but have value


I have a scenario that an item do not have any on hand qty at the month end. All the inventory transaction had financially update. But when we print the “Physical inventory by inventory dimension report” in Ax2009, it show 0 qty but have inventory value. Some other item show 0 qty but negative inventory value.

Can someone explain how this happen? Is it a bug?

Appreciate your advice and help.



KY Tan

Run the Inventory recalculation for those two items and I believe it should be fine after that.

let us know the result by printing the report after running the recalculation.

This is not bug. It happened when item cost adjust at different cost which the item have . So check at the time of entry posted

what was the cost of item and on which cost adjustment was posted.

Dear Santosh,

I did run the inventory recalculation or inventory closing. But the item with 0 qty still show value (certain item is +ve, certain item -ve value). Is there any hotfix for inventory closing function?


Dear Ashok,

Can you further explain what do you mean by " item cost adjust at different cost which the item have "?

For this scenario, how can we make the value become 0 ?

Kindly advice. thanks.

Hi ,

there is one item call B001.

It have cost prices 100 USD and 10 pieces in invenotry.

Now we post inventory adjust of 10 piceces on the cost of 90USD.

So system will show 10 usd difference but the item qty become zero for location.

What costing method using?



Hi Ashok,

My customer is using WAC method. tks.