items with zero Inventory has values

Hi, Hope someone can help me with this one. When running the inventory valuation report(1001), there are items with zero quantity but a value against them ranging from -£150 to + £250. Using Navision 3.70(GB) with FIFO costing, what would be the best way to reduce the values to zero without affecting inventory quantities? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike

Have you run the adjust cost Periodic Activity?

Hi Steven, Yes, I have run all periodics including post cost to g/l batch job, but still the values remain [:(]

Hi Mike This can be achieved in a number of ways from memory, i.e. if you manually alter the outbound cost. You will need to review every item ledger transaction of the item with a value with none in inventory, seeing where in inbound is applied to the outbound and then investigate why. This is a lengthy process, I did it a few years ago with one customer to illustrate teh issues the processing they were undertaking was causing, but this was a small part of it.

Did you check the “Completely Invoiced” Flag? If it is not set for one (or more) of the Item Ledgers within the item you are checking, you need to find the reason that that entry isn’t adjusting. If it is set for all entries, then it makes your reconciliation tougher.

Thanks for your advice guys, it seems it isn’t going to to be a quick 'n easy fix, will let you know how we eventually resolve it. Thanks Mike

any resolution to this? We are having the same issue.

Hi, It’s an issue with the timing of when you run the adjust cost process. Here are some topics to shed some light:,cost,item,entries,cost,item,entries They tried to fix this somewhat with 4.0, but it’s still a big problem.

Here’s another one that might address your problem. It all boils down to when you run the adjust cost and what date you set. In another words, you need extreme discipline.

Hi Mike, This can be a problem when you are running adjust cost every day and then users may post a pre dated transaction and the Inventory is reduced to zero. The system will wait to adjust the value when you post a new inventory against the item. To repair this porblem, you need to identify the Item No. and the valuation date from which the cost of the Item was not correctly adjusted. After you have done this then get into the object designer and look for table “average cost adjustment” manually enter the Item No. and the valuation date and location. and run the adjust cost item entries. PS: by doing this the value adjustment will be posted on the Posting date you specify when running the adjust cost. you may need a gen. journal if you want to post it back to the right financial month. Cheers,