Inventory Value with Zero Qty

Dear All,

Please help me out. I am facing problem with Inventory Valuation Report which shows Zero Qty with Value.

Item 0001 | Inventory 0 | value = 100

  • Adjust Cost batch job – Done

  • Cost Posted to G/L – Done

Please suggest me how to make Values Into Zero with Qty Zero. I have done every possible adjustment based on my knowledge…

Please help.

If it says you have zero quantity worth, for example $20, I would do a positive adjustment for one item for $0, and a negative adjustment for one item for $20. That should retain your zero on hand and also zero the balance. Don’t know if that’s proper accounting or not.

How is it possible.

Is there any customization involved ?

Manish, this happens from time to time without any customization. More often with Average costing, set up per Item only, not per Item & Loc & Variant, but may happen with other methods, too. Questions about this issue regularly appear here in forum.

If this kinda issue come some or the other time then its a bug in the system ?

I would rather call it inappropriate use (or setup, or both together) than bug…

In a “normal” workflow the costing algorithms work OK, but it becomes really difficult, if POs / SOs are entered chaotically - Sales before Purchases, late entry of forgotten Purchases a half-year later, when newer Purchases exists, Items sold and are already ACIE-d… The latter hits heavily especially with Average costing.

ACIE does it’s best to handle all this mess in most cases, but not ALL - and then appear these strange “hanging” costs for Qty=0.
I am not 100% sure now, but I recall one case when the Cost was even negative - it was long ago, maybe then the issue was with some back-dated revaluation.

Every system can be brought to it’s knees if you try really hard to beat it’s bullet-proofness [;)]

**Modris Ivans Thanks for you valuable inputs… what I see in Item ledger and Value ledger entry Exactly the same as you define in you post. Some PO/SO related … I can also share that they even issue that material After GRN but before Invoice…**What you say is absolutely right.

Matt Traxinger: What you suggest i am already try that, But after posting when you run Adjust cost the same value again comes by new Inventory adjustment Entry… So it does not make seance.


now i am trying my level best to solve that issue … if you all have any other idea please Share.