Item Tracking/Lot tracking Functionality

Hi, This is with reg to Item Tracking functionality. Our requirement is that during the sales shipment, system should automatically pick/apply to the Lot No as per FIFO. However, it is observed that it does not happen and it is required to assign the lot no manually. In such a situation the FIFO looses its meaning as the user can can assign any Lot, even the recently received one. Also the system is not assigning the Expiration date to the Sales Transaction. Can anybody has the solution to meet our requirements? Thanks and Regards. Vijay

Hi Vijay The FIFO refers to the costing method, there is no automatic consumption method set for serial/lot numbers. You have to do it manually. You will need to modify the system to auto pick and therefore you can define the method then. With regards to the expiration date what do you have set in the item tracking regards to the miscellaneous tab? Anything?

Our client has the same requirement, i.e. to assign Lot No. automatically using FIFO.

From the post above, it seems that there is no standard way of doing this. Has anyone found a way of assigning Lot No.s automatically?.

We are thinking of using the following functions (or modifications of them):

AssignLotNo from form 6510 for inbound items;
AssistEditLotSerialNo from Codeunit 6500 for outbound items.

Is this the best approach?



you can assign lot numbers automatically when making a positive entre, ex: purchase or manufacturing output or positive adjustment, you have to fill LOT No. series on item card. and expiry date formula.

then you can press “assign lot numbers” when filling item tracking lines for positive entry.

picking according to FIFO is not possible, but if you have “directed pick/put away” you can select on the location card to pick according to “FEFO” what means First Expiry First Out.

Can we use FEFO functioanlity while we are doing sales. In short I want to sell the items for which the expiration date is the earliest among the available quantity

Can we use it. Is yes can anyone help in using

As explained earlier, these are COSTING methods only, in standart all Lot / Serial selections in SO for Items must be done manually. Nothing has changed from the time / Navision versions, when this thread was started some years ago.

Automatic selection by any method, not only FEFO which is your requirement, must be programmed, but be aware it will not be a 5 minute job. ItemTracking is rather clumsily realized, as an enforced extension of Reservation, it even uses the same tables.