FIFO transfer

Can anyone please suggest if there is any way by which i can transfer stock out of the location on FIFO method that if i have an item that is transferred today and the same item with a different lot is already on the same location 2 months back, so while transferring the data on some other location it should transfer the data which is older i.e. on FIFO method.

The FIFO should be item based.

The term you are referring to is “FEFO” (First Expired - First Out).

To accomplish this without modifications you could setup your location with bins and configure to use “Directed Picking”. Would also need to configure the “Item Tracking Codes” used by those items for “Warehouse Lot Tracking”. Finally configure system for “FEFO lot selection”.

Don’t know what version you are on but these features have been available since at least NAV 2009. Maybe earlier but my memory is fuzzy.

Now that I read your post again (after finishing my coffee) I see you are looking to base this on “Posting Date”. So no my approach will not accomplish that. But my question becomes why? Since posting date may not truly be reflective of the products age.

To accomplish this you would need to use “Direct Cost Assignment” and explicitly set the “Applies-To” entry on the transfer orders.

I have my users pick from the Apply-to-Item Entry drop down on the line. This way they are choosing the exact line they want to transfer from. We user location codes alot for our quality department. They transfer specific production outputs to our Quality location for rework, or disposal, so when transfering they will pick the specific output that needs to be transfer.

thanks for your reply sir, but i need this because this is our business need as what ever material comes in first should be consumed first. In our working posting date reflects the physical movement of the stock.

If you could please elaborate a bit more about the applies to entry solution.

Ok, when creating a transfer order, in the lines section, you enter the item number, and quantity. There is also a column called Applied-to Item Entry. If you open this up, you see all open entries for the item you are transfering. You can highlight the line you want the transfer to transact against. Our team here does it daily and they pick, intead of letting NAV use the wrong line. You can see the posting dates on the lines available to choose from so you can pick the oldest line to keep in line with a FIFO system.

i did the same as you suggested , picked up the applied to item entry which was the oldest one, but while picking the lot in item tracking lines , it posted some other lot while i had already selected a different applied to entry.