Automatic Tracking Lines

Is there, in Attain 3.60, any option, function, … to do an automatic assignment of Item Tracking Lines? Example: Sales Order with 12 units on Item 1234. Do I need to assign Lots manually or is there a function to do so? Thanks in advance, Jesús Soage

If the lot numbers where created upon purchase or manufacture, then you have to manually pick from the available selection. If you only have lot number control on the sales side and are creating the lot number as you sell, then you can use the Functions/assign lot numbers feature.

The Lot number is assigned when I get Items into stock. What I really want to do is an automatic assignment of Lot numbers (oldest first) to sales lines. Is there any option or do I need to pick them manually using the Item tracking lines form? Thanks again, Jesús Soage

You will need a modification to achieve this.