Item tracking and location transfer

We are trying to post a transfer order form a location A to location B via “In transit”. The item is a serialised item and hence item tracking entries are created while shipping the item. The shipment has been posted with set serial numbers for tracking purpose. However for some reasons we are not able to post the receipt of the same material at the location B. The system complains that a certain serail numbers are being reused. Now can we release the serail numbers already used by the previous shipment and use them for some other shipment/order.

Please post in the right forum!!! And specify what product you are talking about, Attain, Financials, Axapta, Navision, XAL?

Well before Erik moves the topic . . . . In 3.6 - you don’t state your version, if you are creating a transfer order through “in-transit” with a serialised item you process teh first half of the ship entry once you have defined the serial number to ship in item tracking entries, and then create teh warehouse receipt to book it into the second location, and this action closes the transfer order, and you do not need to specify the same serial number for the outbounbd and inbound movement as the system handles this through the transfer order. I hope this rambling helps as I am not 100% sure I have answered your question! Steve