Transit warehouse

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When i transfer from warehouse to warehouse obliged me to enter transit warehouse .

Any thing I can do not to use this transit warehouse …

I only want to move from warehouse to another warehouse

Nope you have to go through the intransit when using transfer orders. I have seen a direct posting option that posts the shipment and receipt at the same time, but the transactions still go through the intransit warehouse. This reflects the time difference in moving the goods - imagine they are different cities, even if they are actually next door to each other. Why are you trying to avoid the intransit warehouse?

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because i will have a lot of tranaction in item ledger entry …if i want to track through the item ledger entry to check all the transfers of the item.

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The only real alternative you have is the item journal as an in and an out, or a reclassification journal to alter the location.

If you use transfer orders you have to have the transactions going in an out of the intransit location.

When you post a shipment it doesn’t automatically arrives to other warehouse. The user has to inform that items arrived. During that period items are in transit warehouse. Navision was designed to work in this way and there isn’t any way to escape that. It is important that Navision works in this way. The only way to override this is to use journals has Adam told, isn’t practical. I know that in transit warehouse can be tricky. I already had users complaining about missing items and those items are in transit location. It’s easy to lose control of items because inventory many times is controlled from bin contents.

Hi Nuno and Adan Roue ,

thank you for you both very much … we will go on line in2008 (purchase + warehous+sales +manufact + more 40 location) + 30 POS … if you still have any idea about that before 1/1/2008 , don’t hesitate to write … Also I will be very grateful if you write adam for me the procedure for item reclassifiaction or adjustment… because i know little about them … thanks very much for you both … hoping to launch successfully in 2008

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The item reclassification and adjustment are simply item journals.

The item journal allows the positive or negative adjsutment of stock, you simply fill in the fields. The reclassification journal alters the settings of the item that you tell it to. My personal opinion is that neither of these is any real way to move stock between locations in a controlled enviroment.

Thank you AdamRou … thanks a lot for all your help