Transfer Order and Item Tracking

I seem to having some trouble with Item Tracking and Transfer Orders. I have an item that I have Shipped with a Serial Number but I cannot Recieve the Serial Numbered Item. If I go to select or input the Item Tracking Line the Form is read only, and it is also blank in Item Tracking Summary Form. The Item Tracking Entries show that the Item is in the “Transfer” Location. Anyone have any thoughts?

HI, We also had problem with item tracking and transfer order, this happen only on SQL version, our problem happen when two transfer posted together and one’s of the transfer order will be deadlocks and this transfer order will create transfer shipment but the quantity shipped on this transfer still 0 and the item tracking lines will be messy after that the transfer order can’t proceed anymore so we have to fix it manually. I’d aready reported this to MBS and they’re enable to recreate this problem too so i’ll wait the fixing from them.

Hi Sandy There are numerous issues with serial numbers and transfer orders. The majority of them in versions 3.X have been resolved. If you contact your NSC they should be able to locate teh fix for your sepcific error.