cannot Post the Receive side of Transfer Order

Hi 1) Create a new item, and assign a Item tracking code and Lot no series 2) first post journals with positive adjustment say qty 100,location Blue and assign the lot no (eg LOT1), 3) again post another journal with positive adjustment qty 50,location Blue and assign another lot no(say LOT2) 4) goto transfer orders, create a transfer order for the newly created item, supposing that transfer is from Blue to Green, in the transfer lines selcte the newly created Item and put the Qty as 10 5)Now clik menu ->Line->Item Tracking Lines → Shipment 6) In this window assign the qty to be picked from the two lots (LOT1 and LOT 2) 7)post the shipment, once shipment is posted successfully now try to post the Receive side of transfer order. 8) an error “Item tracking serialno Lot no lot0003 for Item XYZ variant cannot be fully applied” the case is same in both attain3.01 and 3.10 version. I found out that an item tracking entry is not being created for the Transit location because of which the error arses (which to me looked like a certain bug). I have all the hotfixes imported into each of the versions and i have done the testing on cronus databse (no customizations). thanx MK

Hi, Please check whether “SN No. Info. Must Exist” for Inbound and Outbound is cheked or not on the “Item Tracking Card” for that item tracking code.If it is checked please uncheck and try to post.

Hi Rajesh Thank you for the reply, but the fields u have specified are unchecked. Thanx MK

There is indeed a problem. In order to solve this, insert the line in bold in Codeunit 22. Function:TransferItemTrackingEntries(VAR FromItemLedgEntry : Record “Item Ledger Entry”;VAR ToItemLedgEntry : Record “Item Ledger Entry”;ReClass — < code> — …TempItemTrackingLine.“Qty. to Ship/Receive” -= NewItemTrackingLine.“Qty. to Ship/Receive”; IF TempItemTrackingLine.“Qty. to Ship/Receive” = 0 THEN BEGIN TempItemTrackingLine.DELETE; Finished := TempItemTrackingLine.NEXT = 0; END ELSE TempItemTrackingLine.MODIFY; NewItemTrackingEntry.“Entry No.” := NextItemTrackingEntryNo(); NewItemTrackingEntry.INSERT; UNTIL Finished; END ELSE BEGIN TempItemTrackingEntry2.RESET; IF NOT AverageTransfer THEN//Insert this line TempItemTrackingEntry2.SETRANGE(“Item Ledger Entry No.”,FromItemLedgEntry.“Entry No.”); IF NOT TempItemTrackingEntry2.FIND(’-’) THEN EXIT… ------ Regards Amit ------

Hi Chandra thanks a lot, it works fine now. BTW was any hot fix released for this? anyway Thanx again cheers MK

Hi related to the above problem, we have customization in sucha way that, transfer order is shipped and received at the same time. and becuase of the bug in attain , the posting stopped after the shipment is done. now that the items are in transit location, i either need to complete the receive side or reverse out the previously posted shipping entries. anyideas please… hope chandra u might have had come across this situation… thanx MK

Hi guyz I could post the remining part of the Receive side of transfer Order and i am now assesing the imp-lications. anyway thanx for your answers cheers MK

Have you reverted the partial transfer or completed the remaining part of the transfer.

Hi Chandra I have completed the remaining part of the transfer. Basically, when i posted the transfer order with the bug, the items were held in Transit location and there was an entry missing form the item tracking entries for the transit location. so what i did was ->,manually entered the missing entry in the item tracking entry table → then posted the receive side of the transfer order. thanx MK