item on hand

Hi guys,

What’s the indication why an item has an inventory on-hand? I just know that if it appears on the on-hand form on the inquiries of the inventory management module and if it appears in the Physical inventory by inventory dimension report, but what do you guys think about this, do i have to investigate deeply with this one, does it have something to do if it’s item type is “item” or in the setup of it’s inventory model group?..

Appreciate your help guys…

Thank you very much… :slight_smile:

Not really sure what your question is here.

Why do you want to investigate deeply when you can see it in the report and on hand views?

Yes the inventory model group will impact.


Because my boss wants me to investigate on this issue, he said that this item (Item Type “Item”, and Inventory Model Group “NonInvent”) should no longer have inventory on it.

I’ve search this item also in the Inventory Management module > Inquiries > Transactions > Postings and it was not there,

however when I checked on this item in the Inventory Management module > Inquiries > On-hand, it’s Financial cost amount (InventSum.PostedValue), has an amount greater than 0.

I’m thinking that if I’ll change the ItemType to “Service” will fix the problem…


So you have changed the model group part way thorugh processing I guess? Not sure if that is even possible as standard, or you have changed the settings of the inventory model group. If I was you I would reverse the changes you made, set the inventory level to 0 and then reset them.


haven’t change anything yet.

where can i set the inventory level to 0 and how shall i reset them?

thank you so much for your help… :slight_smile:

First you need to establish what has actually happened, you cannot have an item with part processing without someone changing elements - so you have not done anything but someone has - you need to establish this first otherwise it will continue to happen.

Use a movement journal or profit and loss journal to set the inventory to 0. Do all this in a test environment first.

ok…thanks…i’ll suggest that to my boss…thanks for all the help… :slight_smile: