Items which are not having On-hand are not showing in ON-HAND form

Hi all,

Can anybody please let me know about the below issue?

I am facing one issue that is, Items which do not have the On-hand quantity, those items are not showing in the ON-HAND form. Currently the items which are having on hand quantity those only have been displaying in the ON-hand form.

Please let me know is there any parameter or any setting needs to be set up for this.


Sathish kumar

The on hand shows you on hand quantities - having nothing on hand would be irrelevant to display. That said from memory it annoyingly used to show lines with no on hand if a transaction had been applied at that level.

Hi Sathish,

Your question is not clear.

In one line you are saying that item with no quantity is not showing in On Hand form which is correct.

Second line you are saying that items having stock are being shown in on hand form which is correct.

So what is wrong here.


From your question, i think you want the on hand to include all items including those with no on-hand

If it is a report you are generating on on hand items, all items are supposed to show whether they have on-hand or not.

If its not so, then you can filter your search by specifying that your available physical or physical inventory should be greater than -1.

This will give you all items that have on-hand 0 and more.