Item is not on Inventory

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When try to post ‘Manufacturing - Output Journal’, I get the error ‘Item (Item Name) is not on Inventory’. Can you suggest me what to check?

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You need to check the components of the BOM, look at the backflushed items and the location you are consuming them from, then check the inventory of each - you have made something without the stock to do so and Navision manufacturing prevents this. The simplest way to do this is run the Prod. Order - Shortage List report.

Thanks AdamRoue, Let me check and reply my results.




I tried the mentioned steps, everything ok, have enough stock. But still get the same error message. And sometimes if click again the post after the error message, system allows to post without any problem. Somtimes try click to post few times after the error messages, results posting without problem.

When i check from the coding part, system gets some Reservation entry values and that not matches to the ILE remaining quantity and returns the difference.

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If you are doing exactly the same thing and sometimes it errors and other times it does not this is either due to a modification or a bug. I can only suggest you contact your partner and ask this question. If it is happening inconsistently there is little advice I can give apart from the above. I will say I have not seen this behaviour before on reporting production consumption/output though.


I encounter same error, but this time in Transfer Order?? but when i look at the availability in BIN. There is sufficient inventory to cover, the transfer order?? [:’(] Any help will do. Hoping for your reply.Ty

Hi Nasheer

hopefully the problem for u is only one thing . It is with the location of the inventory.

Check these two things:

  1. If u specify any location on output journal then verify that that location contains the stock.

  2. If u do not specify any location it seems there is no consumption material in that empty location.

Hope this solves ur problem


I tried to drill the transaction in the Item Ledger Entry, But still give me a sufficient inventory to cater the transafer Order, but when i ship the transfer Order, It still encounter the Error. Hoping for your support.[:’(] TY


KIndly check the inventory field on Item card.

In the inventory Field, in the Item card It dispaly a negative inventory, but once i check it Item ledger Entry, is has sufficient Inventory? Any help will do. Thanks[*-)]

Remove EVERY other transaction calling the item, all other transfer orders, all open item journals, all sales orders, all consumption journals, actual or coming. Then you can post your transfer order if the location/bin match - then you will realise one of the other open transactions held the stock you were trying to transfer so it was not “available”. Have “sufficient” inventory is irrelevant - it has to be “available” according to the NAV rules.