item on hand


we have this sales order created and production order was cut from warehouse A correctly. In this warehouse A, we have enough sub assembly for this work order. it show that we have 20 on hand in net requirements. But for some reason, in net requirements, on this production line, it shows a different warehouse: B, and on planned production orders line shows the number of sub assembly need to be cut from this warehouse B. To make it short, that warehouse has the amount on hand of the sub assembly for what needs for the work order, but ax for some reason does not recognize it. Also, it shows the wrong warehouse for the work order under net requirements. does anyone know why did it happen this way ? Thanks in advance.

The bill of material associated with the item being produced at warehouse A will have been set on teh BOM lines to take the stock from warehouse B would be my first guess. If you hit the BOM button on the production warehouse what is the warehouse setting for each line?


Edit: the previous post, the warehouse that the po was cut is B.

when hit BOM button, the warehouse setting for each line is B, except that item line, it is A. This item is the one that warehouse B has enough for what they need. it is set to A because this sub assembly is built from warehouse A.


after posting that, i think you are right. that bom line for that item should have been set to warehouse B instead of A. i think this is why it is telling warehouse A to build this sub assembly.

Yes that will be the reason - a simple test is to delete the sub-assembly and works order, then alter teh BOM and re-run planning.