Planned order created by the master scheduling

i have a item (L001) whose “Coverage Group” is set to “Requirement” and the “Item coverage” Minimum setting is set to “0”.

for this item(L001) i have 95 on-hand inventory.and this item is used by a BOM (1 L001 per BOM001).

i create two production orders for BOM001, each order contain one line of BOM001 and the quantity is one. and the order status is “released”.

so from my point of view, if i run the Master Scheduling, there should not be any purchase order created for the L001, cause i have sufficient on-hand inventory. the quantity is ( 95 - 2 = 93).

I’m not sure any where else can impact the Master Scheduling to generate two purchase order for item L001.


The master plan which you are using, have you selected the check box “Include on hand inventory”.

If you select that then planning engine considers the on-hand availability. Pls let us know the result.

Hi Santosh,

i have already checked the “include on-hand inventory”.

What is the level of Coverage plan by dimension on the item L001 storage dimension group?

In BOM001 lines, what is the Line type of L001?

Do you specify any inventory dimensions for L001 item in BOM Lines? If yes, then is your on-hand inventory present in the same dimension levels? Please make sure all these.

I Agree with Kiran.

Putting it in simple terms - Ensure you have the stock and demand on the same warehouse. If you have stock at WH1 and your production order is trying to pick the quantity from WH2, then your planning engine generates the order because you don’t have the stock at WH2.

Hi Kiran,

  1. The line type of L001 in that BOM is “Item”.

  2. i do specify the dimension “Site & Warehouse” in the BOM line, but the stock in the same place.(according to the inventory transactions)

  3. i don’t know how to check the “Level of coverage plan by dimensions on the item L001 storage dimension group”.


Hi Kiran,

Probably you are right, i check the on-hand inventory for the item “L001”.

The two items used by that production order don’t have Warehouse specified, but the 95 on-hand inventory do have warehouse specified.

Why these two items that “on order” don’t have warehouse specified? why we can create production order without warehouse specified?


Pls post a screen shot of your onhand and Inventory trans. Wondering what is that missing point.

Simple. Go to your Product details, Under Product tab click on Dimension group and right click on Storage dimension group=> View details.

You see a check-box there Coverage plan by dimension for each of the storage dimension. Let me know what all it is marked for?

This is self-answerable. Check the Production BOM for your Production order. (To do this, click BOM button under Production details section of the production order tab. The line may not be having Warehouse field updated? If yes, then this value actually comes from your BOM version lines.

Hi Kiran,

You are so great,

i follow your steps and found that the BOM line related to the production order really doesn’t have “WareHouse” specified.

thanks you so much!!!

last question, when i create the production order, is it possible to fill the “warehouse” dropdown list automatically on the “Create Production order” form?

and i attache the screenshot for the item on-hand inventory

Yes. You can fill up the Warehouse dimension on the Create production order form but remember that it is the warehouse for producing your BOM item and not for BOM line item.

What I suggest you is, either fill up the warehouse dimension on Production BOM line or manually check the on-hand quantity and reserve the quantity from warehouse. Then if you run the master planning, it won’t consider the material requirement against this production and hence planned purchase orders won’t be raised. Please test this and let me know the results.

i fill up the warehouse dimension on production BOM line and run the master scheduling, but seems it doesn’t work. cause the on-hand inventory shows that the 2 items on order still don’t have warehouse filled.

then i go to Production order → Production details-> (selected the item)->Inventory->Reservation. then on the reservation column i cannot fill anything.

any other way to reserve the items?

i fill up the warehouse dimension on production BOM line and run the master scheduling again, but unfortunately it doesn’t work, go back to check the on-hand inventory, these 2 items on order still don’t have warehouse specified.

then i go to Production Order-> Production details ->BOM->select the item->Inventory-> reservation. on the reservation column i can not fill anything.

seems change the BOM line dimension(Warehouse) doesn’t affect the dimension for the on order item.

anywhere else i can do the reservation ?

The reservation is not relevant for the plan to work. You need to have demand in a specified site/warehouse and then it will cascade through it all.

If your works order is already created check the BOM on the works order, and the dimensions defined as these are written at the time. If these change you might want to consider using the resource consumption flag on the line which cascades the production order or demand dimensions to the BOM lines.

Oh and do you have any other dimensions configured as primary stocking or set for item coverage in the dimension group?

the storage dimension i set for this item is :

Mandatory : unchecked

Primary Stocking: unchecked

Converge plan by dimension:

Site: checked

Warehouse: checked

i check the BOM for that production order, and i do change the BOM line dimension(Warehouse) for that production order, but after that, i check the item on-hand inventory, the warehouse dimension for this on-hand inventory still blank.

Please refer to following picture.

Once you check the BOM line you have to re-estimate and re-schedule the production order - if you deleted it and loaded a new one assuming the BOM was correct it would align.

Hi Adam,

i cannot reset the status to created and re-estimate it again, i got the error like below:

Production: JSCN-000004

Item number: L0001

The quantity cannot be reduced, the number of inventory transactions on order is too low because the quantity or part of it is referenced by an output order or a production order or is marked against other transactions.

the subcontract work(3 purchase order) created by estimate before have already been invoiced, is it the problem that cause the reset status failed ?

many many thanks.