Change on-hand inventory dimension (warehouse)

i have one item(L0001) on-hand inventory as below:

you can see that first line 2 items on order, these two items are consumed by two production order. and they are created automatically when i create the production order.

Now i want to change the inventory dimension warehouse from “Blank” to "MW". i have already changed the BOM line inventory dimension on the production order, but it seems like that it doesn’t help.

anywhere else that i can change the Warehouse for these two items?

many thanks.


Its showing on order… just to that particular order, and change the dimension. It will appear.


Hi Mohammed,

i have already changed inventory dimension by this path.

Production Order ->(select the order)->Production Details-> BOM->(Select the BOM line item)-> Inventory dimension

and change the warehouse, but this doesn’t help.

You cant change it from On-hand screen. The only way to do it is, change its demand which is BOM line requirement in this case. Why don’t you check this by creating a new production order and supply dimensions correctly for ingredient.

After doing this, you would need to again click the “Estimate” button on your production order then only system estimates the quantity from the updated details.

After you do the estimation, go to the same place and click the “inventory transactions” button to see whether your inventory trans is now showing the warehouse.

If that shows, your onhand screen also shows properly.

Hi Both,

i created a new Production order for this item, then i estimated it, then i go to the “Inventory transactions”. the item on order is really in the right place now(in the right warehouse).

so for the Production order i created before(with warehouse issue), the only way to make the master scheduling work properly is deleting the production order created before ?

many thanks.

Hi Both,

i tried to create a new Production order, and i found the “inventory transaction” in the right warehouse now when i finish estimating the order.

Does it means that, if i want the master scheduling work properly, the only way is deleting the production order i created before ?

many thanks.

Not to delete but to correct what is wrong in the Production order. Just try doing the estimation again as suggested by Santosh and this should solve the problem. If you want to undo any posting then simply reset the status back to Created and then do the Estimation after supplying correct dimensions.

It means you need to get the setup and configuration correct for it to work properly [:D]

If your question is to rectify the existing…that is what I suggested in my previous comment.

Select the same production order > go to BOM> select the LIne> set the inventory dimensions and then re-estimate the production order. Your problem will be solved

hi Santosh,

you are right, but the point is i cannot go back to “Created” status and do the re-estimated again. cause when i do the reset status to created,i got below error.

Production: JSCN-000004

Item number: L0001

The quantity cannot be reduced, the number of inventory transactions on order is too low because the quantity or part of it is referenced by an output order or a production order or is marked against other transactions.

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