Is it possible to reverse 'posted' journal of item arrival? (image included)

For example on this image, I would like to reverse the journal SEII0739 containing 125 types of items. Problem is, each item has its own number of quantity, this journal was not meant to be posted but it’s already done, now the real-life stocktake will be different to the physical item count in Dynamics AX when they(the 125 items) should be identical/close.

I’ve done some googling myself on journal reversal, but most of them are on general ledger. For my case, it is on item arrival/physical item count. Any help would be appreciated.

I believe you need to process the product receipt and then cancel it to reset it all.

This is our company buying stock into our factory, how do I process the product receipts? Then ‘cancel and reset’ it all?

What is the status of relevant inventory transactions?

It is the standard process you have adopted, the arrival is the first stage of the receipt and optional, you have to process the product receipt. Once posted go to the journal and cancel it, this sets it all back.


The journal was accidentally posted. Item Transaction was updated and the items have the status of ‘Registered’ on their Item Transaction. I want to un-register those transactions so their item count will be correct again.

On test environment, I did a test and deleted the entire journal lines table, the incorrect items’ transaction still remained.

How do I do receipt for a ‘Posted’ item arrival journal? I’m new to this and my background is CS.

You can reverse the registration.

But it’s already posted. Anyway, we found the single Invent Dim ID that links all the items transaction in that journal, we just deleted the Invent Dim ID and it remove the registered item transaction, we didn’t have to unregister the item transaction one by one.

What does that mean? How you deleted the InventDimId?