Is It Possible To Reverse Journal Inventory Counting?


Is it possible to reverse a Journal inventory Counting ?

i had counting journal, but it’s incorrect and i want to reverse, i try to reverse by using create 1 journal inventory counting with negative (-) value, but the physical value is not the same with first transaction.

do you have any suggestion.

Thanks for your help

Do not worry about the negative value, this is the average cost and it will change on physical posting to match your costing and item setup to the correct cost. You can also mark against a set transaction to ensure the costing rule is overwritten.

It’s mean i can create 1 journal counting with negative value to correct a wrong transaction?

I already tried create 1 journal counting with negative value and marking with transaction counting before (positif value) and then post. First i think, physical and financial amount will be the same with transaction counting (positif value, so the difference will be 0) but physical and financial amount still incorrect. (Amount is not the same with transaction positif , and the difference is very significant)

How can i create transaction counting correction (-), with amount is the same with transaction counting(+) before?

Thanks for your help

Mark it and run the inventory close procedure to align the costs.