Item Ledger Entry


  1. i post on Item Journal for begbal with batch name and doc name ABCD.

  2. i delete all the entry for the doc name ABCD to the Item Ledger Entry.

  • once you delete on the Item ledger entry do you need to delete it also on the Value Entry correspond to the doc name?

  • im getting this message once i try to post using To be Picked

“The Value Entry already exist. Identification fields and values: Entry No.=12345”

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Why are you deleting entries from the Item Ledger table?

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i need to delete from item ledger table because i found some difference on the inv i post in the item journal, i need to re-post it again the whole document.

is there any other way how to reverse once you post it on the item journal rather than to delete directly to the item ledger table?

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Deleting any Ledger Entry is scrictly not advisable, any being unaware of related records in other tables and deleting Item Ledger Entry can cause serious problems later. That is the reason Customer License do not allow deletion of records on Ledger Entry tables

If you have posted Item journal and want to reverse it back then another item journal needs to be posted and apply the entry to wrongly posted Item Ledger Entry. The entry type should reverse (of wrongly posted journal line) on the reversal journal. Posting this will reverse the transaction posted wrongly, after this you will have to create another journal to post the correct entry.

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cant seem to find entry type “reverse” on the item journal, is it the same with the negative adjustment?

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As i understand you have posted an invoice with wrong information thru Item journal…the solution is to reverse this with a reversal entry and then post the correct one.

to post the reversal entry thru item journal,you need to enter the same information as the first invoice you posted, except that reverse the quantity/amount and then apply-to the wrong entry number…with this the effect of wrong entry will be nullified both in terms of quantity as well as cost.

Since you have already deleted the entries from the table, why dont you “NAVIGATE” one of those entries to see which tables are updated and you can also delete them too but as Rajib Lochan Huzur suggested**…it is VERY UNWISE** to delete directly from the table especially if you do not know the table links properly

NEVER use INSERT-UPDATE-DELETE in your SQL scripts!!! You have deleted some ILE lines, but there are many other tables involved, data in which are orphaned now, all you have got now is data inconsistency, which leads to serious problems.

The only solution now is to go back the the newest backup made BEFORE you deleted the entries. Delete the current database, restore a new one from the backup, and reenter all the changes that have happened since you did the delete.

Hi All,

I got one requirement from my client saying that they dont want to keep data prior to March 31 2011, they want us to delete the data including Item ledger entries and value entries from backend (SQL server). currently they are having 5 FY’s data they are having from 2007 to 2012. Actually we suggested like date compression from navision excluding ILE n VLE as microsoft itself not suggesting these tables to compress also. but they are very clear that they dont want date compression from front end and they want permenant data deletion from backend.

can any one suggest me what can i do…

Awaiting response.

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