Inventory Managment in AX without WMS

Hi New to Forum & AX

I have big problem with Inventory Visiblity. We have ITEMS stored in Warehouses & I want to go down to the next level. i.e Locator.


Current Onhand

Item A in Warehouse 2 = QTY 10

I would like to see

Desired Onhand

Item A

Warehouse Name = 2

Location Name 2-1 = Qty 4

Location Name 2-2 = Qty 6

I see there is a LOCATIONS field in the Dimensions group, but is not actived

Question is

A: Would I be able to see Desired Onhand View above if this if the Locations setting is activated

B: If yes then what would I need to do?

C: If no are there any other feature that could help me in creating visiblity without adding more warehouses

D: We use Serial Number Dimension for some Items, how would this impact if Location dimension was activated?

As I said I am very new to AX, our IT dept is located in Denmark & I have to join the massive queue to get any answers

I am hopeful this forum for will be a good starting & hopefully ending point for me


You cannot enable this when there exists transactions for the item…


Enable the Location - for the items which does not hold any transactions.

I think no.

As the serial numbers are allocated to items - there would not be any impact.(The data entry will increase[:)])


Thanks. This is what I thought regarding Activating the Locations field the associated additional data entry for serial numbers.

Thanks for clarifying the logic!!

You cannot enable this when there exists transactions

On the Transactions. Would this mean I would have to have a Dead Stop for these items, for example if they show on Work orders / Sales orders/ Purchase Orders?

i.e. I could define this for newly created ITEMS or Items not in process, but Items in process would be difficult / impossible


Hi Ian

If you turn on locations AX would insist you specify one. As your current ones do not have this on teh stock transaction you would never be able to move it, pick it or do anything with it.

Microsofts recommendation is to create a new item code with the correct dimension setup and move the data across. This is one of the few fields you cannot alter after the event.

Thanks to you all, I like this forum, you’ll hear more from me[:D] & hopefully as my knowledge increases I might be able to help another newbie like myself!!