AX2012 Inventory Dimension Groups


I am wondering if somebody has a list available of “Do’s and Dont’s” when setting up inventory dimension groups. What I am interested in is a kind of best practice guide when setting up those groups.

Hope somebody can help.



My only one would be to always turn locations on. Apart from that they are all up for debate and discussion with what the customer requires. I seem to configure them differently one implementation to the next. Dont assume the finance level, Do discuss all other requirements and map appropriately [:D]

@ Adam - Curios in knowing why it is recommended to set the “Locations” turned on. Could you please give me some information on this.

@Santosh. It is personal, but in any warehouse if they do not use locations they generally say they will in the future, and if you do not set them up at the start you need to completely reset all items and move stock etc. So setting it up and having a default means it is always there, never noticed and can simply be expanded in the future. If you dont set it at the start it is a real pain to set it later.

Agree on this. One of my friend is facing the same challenge. The storage dimension group did not have the Location dimension activated and all transactions were posted. Now the auditor wants to see location as well and that has become a great pain.

@ Adam, thanks for making that point.

Need your suggestion on a requirement. initially implemented without Location, now need to be migrated to Location usage.

What is the best way? creating new products for all the available products doesn’t seem possible. Other side, enabling the “Location” for dimension group is not possible since there are posted transactions.

@Santosh in AX2009 you used to be able to make a dimension group/item more complex, so you could change the dimension group associated with the item if you turned on locations (my memory might be rusty here). However this gave you an issue on pick, as the transaction had no location, so you could not define it, which meant you had to allow blank issue, which I would not recommend, or you start down a development line to start to alter the transactions, and if you are going down a development route you might as well look into setting the location flag at the same time and not updating the group.

In reality your only “standard” option is new items and new dimension groups and is the only one recommended by MS I believe.