AX 2012 Inventory Dimension Location

Hello World,

Here is my scenario:

Warehouse 1: with Aisle & Rack, Site 1

Warehouse 2: no location, Site 1

Warehouse 3: with Aisle, Rack & Shelf, Site 1

Item A: Storage Dimension Group Set-up- Site, Warehouse & Location

Requirement: To define location for item A, if and only, Warehouse has locations.

Question: Is it possible that I transact Item A in warehouse 2 without dummy/virtual location? Because technically, there are no locations on that warehouse.

I know you have bright ideas. I’d be happy to hear those. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Jr Barte

No, create a logical one and assign it in default issue/receipt location for the warehouse so that it would avoid the user entry…