Storage dimension


Can we setup the system to have only some transactions with Site/Warehouse / Location and other transactions that do not have location at all? Actually I do have stoareg dimension setup with Site/Warehouse/locations active

Yes you can, if you do not want to specify location leave the blank on location field. It stores on blank location.


In that case, what happeneing when doing inventory reconciliation or counting? what is the impact to have those 2 kind of process? thanks

Can you share your business requirment in detail , why you want such changes , then you may have better answer .

Clearly it cannot be done by location.

However this is item driven, so you say the item never has the location specified, whereas if you are ever going to use it switch it on everywhere and warehouses not using just have one defaulted so it is never selected by the user.

Thanks Adam. Can we decide to not have the location at the beginning then later change our mind and add location as a dimension?

Well the technical answer is Yes, but you would need to create new dimension groups and all of your items again.

I recommend always creating locations, but just one, then on the warehouse set the default location. This means every transaction has a location and the user never has to select it. Then if you want “proper” location control in the future you add more locations and remove the default.

Very Clear. I like your idea. Thank you

Just to finish : So in this case one location will be use for receiving and shipping, right? Same location or different one?

One location - you are not location controlled, so it is meaningless so have one, two would be location control :slight_smile:

In my case, i have setup “location” as an actibe dimension .

Yes so mark all default locations as the one created. Shipping, picking, receipt, it does not matter, you are not using locations!