Empty Locations


I think I have a problem with my AX 2012. When I do an on-hand inquiry of an item, all the locations show up, including those with 0 inventory.

Another example: There is a batch of items at one location, and it gets moved to another location. The proper quantity is moved to the new location, however, the same batch number is still displayed at the old location, just with a zero quantity.

We are using batch number for some items, and batch and pallet for others; however, this is not the determining factor as to whether 0 quantity locations are displayed. There is an empty pallet location set up for the warehouse.

Am I missing configuration in my database? Does AX 2012 always display the empty locations for on-hand? This seems like a bug




Using locations in Dynamics AX 2012 is cumbersome and there are issues when you move item batches from one location to another . However the above situation seems a bug to me also .

Inputs are welcome though !


The cause for on-hand inventory form showing empty batches on locations is may be due to following reason.

Batch number selected as one of the display dimension in on-hand form along with the location dimension. And your batch certainly shows up even though there are no quantities because there are still financial cost amounts lying on your batches.

To check this, simply flip to On-hand tab of your on-hand inventory form and view the financial cost amount for your empty batch. Interestingly when you perform the inventory recalculation you will not be able to see these empty batches anymore as settlements happens across. I tested this behaviour. You can verify the same in test environment and let me know your findings.

Try this.

On your on-hand form> Dimension display Un-select “closed transactions” and select “Quantity<>0” and save setup.

Santosh, I tried your suggestion and unfortunately it did not change the on-hand inquiry. I find this odd, because although there is clearly no quantity on the line, it still displays the line in the on-hand even after selecting the “quantity <>0” dimension


As you mentioned, the batches and pallets were not being cleared from the on-hand screen due to them not being financially updated. I tested this idea by running an invoice for a batch item purchase order and a pallet item purchase order. You were correct in your input. When the item transactions were financially updated, the line with a quantity of 0 was cleared from the on-hand inquiry screen.

This did not require a recalculation of inventory.

Glad that I could solve your issue :slight_smile:

Well, in my case the batch item was updated into inventory by using the inventory adjustment journal (just to test the scenario) and later issued the stock to another location by using transfer journal which did not transfer the financial cost amount to new batch location. So the amount was still lying in financial cost amount bracket. To clear, this I had to perform inventory recalculation.

Where as in your case, batch item was receipted through PO (but not financially updated) and issued to another location. So the amount was still lying in physical cost amount bracket for the empty batch location and once you updated PO financially the amount moved to new location where the batch is currently present. This is definitely not a bug but how InventSum logic is built upon I think.