Inventory ledgers not impacted


When a PO received, it’s impacted the four ledgers.

Two for AP and Two for inventory.

I am not sure why but for some of my PO, inventory ledgers are not impacted.

Any idea?

Please tag your AX version.

Hi Ax 2012

See if you can get some information from this whitepaper,

Hi Abhishek,

Can you provide more details on these as what is item model group setup for ledger integration and posting profile setups? as then only we can decide the solution.

Hi Krunal.

OK. I have just one item model group, which is assigned to all items. But this problem is only with some POs not all. So I don’t think item model group is the problem.

Any other idea…?

Have you looked at the whitepaper?

Hi Kranthi, Yes but I dont understand much

look at this in the document,

In AX 2012 R3, the results of the accounting entries are combined into one subledger journal entry and voucher. Accounting entries for, Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced, will not be transferred to the general ledger if the amount for both the accounting currency and the reporting currency adds up to 0 (zero) per voucher, currency code, and ledger dimension. Because this is true for the preceding example, the General journal accounting entries would look as follows:

Credit Purchase, accrual XX

Debit Product receipt XX

My accounting currency and reporting currency is different. So it will not end up with 0. Please help

Tell us about your voucher entries.