Inventory transactions not created during purchase receipt of an item in ax 2012

Hi All,

I got below problem in AX 2012 for one of the stocked item.

Inventory transactions are not created during product receipt of purchase order also When creating a purchase order and receiving the item, I only get two voucher lines when checking the Product Receipt journal/voucher.(verified item model group setup and the stocked product check box is enabled still inventory transactions not creating).

Please someone help me on this issue.

Inventory transactions need not be created during product receipt - as the line will already be there during ordering. At product receipt then status (etc. ) wlll change. Of course if there is a partial receipt then a transaction representing the receipt and another for the remaining open order qty will exist.

Please provide some more detail.

Hi Daxer,

Created PO with 100 quantity for an item (stocked product) and price as 500. Posted product receipt and checked on hand inventory and it is showing as zero because no inventory transaction created against PO.Also it is showing two voucher lines when checking the Product Receipt journal,voucher lines missing for the posting type -Product receipt.

Please someone let me know the possibility that causing the issue.

When we post the Product receipt against the stocked item, your inventory get debited and purchase expenditure Unvoiced account get credited, this entry you can see only when you check mark the “post product receipt in ledger” under AP Parameter.

Now in the Item Model Group there is an option for the Accrual if you want to post the accrual at the time of product receipt. For this you have to go in the item model group and check mark “Accrue liability on product receipt”. By doing this you will get the following voucher entry:

Purchase Expenditure, Un-Invoice Dr.

Purchase Accrual Cr.

Purchase Receipt (Inventory A/C) Dr.

Purchase Expenditure, Un-Invoice Cr.

Check the item model group - seems to me like it is a non-stocked item, because those are they symptoms it is showing!