Inventory Control Accounts in Trail Balance

Hi All

I the trail balance, inventory control accounts (Packing slip account and Packing slip offset account) showing the amount, and they are show the equal amount in debit and credit. I also checked the Status of the PO and SO all are invoiced, then why then why they are showing this balance.



What are the amounts in ledger? There can be case of manual voucher entries.



This is the setup from Inventory Model Groups of the Item, that means, you already select the options: “Post Physical Inventory” in Ledger Integration. So every time you have the physical inventory transaction happens in SO, Ax will post the physical value to the ledger. Also you check the Account Receivable Parameters > Tab Updates > Group Packing Slip > Post Packing Slip in Ledger option.

Amount is 82,956.81, in +ve (packing slip account) and -ve (packing slip offsetaccount). And no manuall vouchers are used.

Can anyone solve my problem

When you invoice the sales order the packing note offset and packing note accounts are automatically reversed by the invoice process. The balance in these accounts represent a GSNI position. and there is no issue with there being a balance as the offset between teh two is always zero.

Balance is zero but i think when we invoice the sales order the both account get reverse, that means the balance in this account should be zero. If we have the balnace mean some of the sales order are with his is what i understands.

It means they are not invoiced as previously stated.

In addition it may mean you altered the posting groups mid-way through transactions, or you re-pointed, but you/the customer will know if you made any amendments to the posting groups and would have controlled it correctly.

Hi Adam, I have a related query - We post physical inventory from PO perspective but for SO we don’t post the packing slip to ledger. To reconcile, we invoiced the SO so that they are posted to the GL. however, Do we need to invoice the PO as well in order to reconcile inventory to GL in general? Where can I print a report of GSNI from AX 2012?

Incidentally, we use one RAW account “25000” for both “Product Receipt” as well as “Purchase, Inventory Receipt” from PO posting perspective. So probably we could to use the voucher transactions to separate physical update vs financial update balance in GL!

From the Production Posting perspective, we use the RAW account “25000” for Production Issue, Production Picklist as well as Production RAF picklist,

for Production Receipt and SO Issue, we use FGI a/c 35000; Inventory Issue and Receipt both use same RAW account “25000”; Inventory Loss/Gain tracked in a separate a/c - 2900;

Inventory RAW a/c - 25000

Inventory FGI a/c - 35000

We have PO that are not yet invoiced and production orders that are in various stages for the given period that we want to reconcile. Appreciate your thoughts.

There are some invent adj made resulting in a negative balance in 2900; ( I think we need to include this balance to GL).

I have imbalance of Inventory to GL; I am comparing inventory value to the GL balance in a/c 25000 + 35000.