Purchse invoice - GL effect

Hi All,

Assume that i have not enabled the Physical post inventory and Post packing slip ledger in AP , So when i post the Packing slip system will not post the interim accounts .

Now my question is when i book the Purchase invoice what are all the G/L accounts will effect in Standard AX as per below example.

Item Name : Toy , Inventory model group - FIFO

Purchase order value - 10000( no discounts applied against the PO).

Please tell me the accounts.

hi, no so sure about your question

but Cr T/Creditor

Dr Stock

I guess…


Which version of AX are you using? Accounting framework has changed a lot in 2012.

In 2009, No ledger update in packing slip and at invoice, Inventory will be debited to AP.

In 2012, it’s different since purchase expenditure for product is taken into consiuderation at invoice, so there are additional entries at invoice.


Thanks Pranav,

I am really getting confused about these fields in Item group - > Purchase order tab.

a) Difference betwen Purchase Slip Vs Packing slip Purchase account ?

b) Under Invoice group Receipt , Charge , Stock variation

c) Consumption.

I have gone through the manuals and i did not understand .

Could you pls explain with an example about the use of above accounts.

ameen - why dont you just invoice the purchse invoice and “look” at the impact?

The two important accounts are:

Receipt: this is an inventory balance account which will be debited after posting invoice

Consumption: this is an inventory balance account you need this account for posting invoice of the negative qty (when you return the PO)