Installing 2 navision versions on same server

Hi All, Anybody know about this issue. Is it possible to install difference navision version on same Windows2000 server? If it’s yes,how do i install it? Thanks.

Well, it’s possible! We run a NF2.01-Server and a NF2.60 and a NA3.01 Server on one NT-Machine. What you should do is, to implement a clear seperate structure for each server: - Install every server in it’s own directory, including database, etc. e.g.

Server NF 2.60
Server NA 3.01

The I suggest to install the servers by a batch file, e.g.:

c:\server nf 2.60\server.exe servername=NF260,nettype=tcp,database=c:\server nf 2.60\databese\database.fdb,installasservice

c:\server nf 3.01\server.exe servername=NA301,nettype=tcp,database=c:\server na 3.01\databese\database.fdb,installasservice

It’s important that you use different Servernames! Then edit the files HOSTS and SERVICES, you need to do that on all clients, too.

<IP-Adress> NF260    #NF 2.60 Server
<IP-Adress> NA301    #NA 3.01 Server

NF260       2407/tcp #NF 2.60 Server
NA301       2408/tcp #NA 3.01 Server

Now, you should have 2 different NAVISION-Servers running! Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP