Multiple Servers in 2.60b

I know this is not an entirely new question, but most things I have found on this subject is older. I have read everything I can find here, on Navision’s website and in every book available to me. So here goes. I installed a navision server on my NT to run our live fdb with a service. Now I want to install a second time to run my development fdb with a service. But when I try to ‘Reinstall’ the documentation says I should give it a different directory but it does not give me this option??? HELP PLEASE!! Kelly A Walker

You have to create a new directory for every server you want to install. Ex. c:\Navision Servers\Server 1\ (One instance) C:\Navision Servers\Server 2\ (Second instance) After you install your first server, copy the files where it was installed and paste them into a new directory. Then you have to install it using the command line. Below is an example. “c:\Navision Servers\server 1\server.exe” servername=ASERVER,nettype=tcp,cache=100000,commitcache=yes,database=“d:\navision practice\navision data\a database.fdb”,installasservice This will install another service with the servername being whatever you put in the ‘servername=’ parameter. Hope this helps Taylor McCartney Development Specialist CSB Systems

Check on old posts… the method has not varied… You need to have a copy of the server’s folder for each service you’re running and modifying the hosts and services files on both,server and client machines for running without problems, as you’ve to define what services you’re wanting to use if not wanting both servers trying to get the same port. Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

You have this option, when you make a Custom-Instalation and not an automatic one.

I am trying to setup the similar type of setting, a live fdb service and a development fdb on the same NT server. I could not get my second service up and running. It seems my two services are using the same service port. Could anybody here give some example of how to setup two Navision servers on the same box. I tried the Navision PDF document, but it only mentioned very brieftly.

c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc host: f.e.: server1 server2 services: f.e.: server1 8000/tcp server1 8000/udp server2 8001/udp server2 8001/tcp the files host y services (whitout extension)you must copy the 2 files to clients win98 c:\windows winNT/2k/XP c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc pardon for my english for more help my email is