Install two servers 2.6 with # languages

Hello, I must install, on the same hardware server, two versions of Navision server 2.60 (one in french and the other in italian). The setup detects that there is another version installed on the server and quit the installation. Is it possible to install these two differents versions on one server ?? Thanks

Yes. But it’s a bit messy since You need to change the services file on the clients. Read the installation manual. There is a topic called “Running More than One Server”. You should find what You need there i think[;)]

Hi, thanks for your reply, but I have already try this for the previous installation of two server 2.6 FR, but here the problem is during the installation from the CD of the 2.60 IT. The setup program tell that there is another version and it stops the installation. Can I copy directly the programs from the CD to the directory, and then configure the server with the correct parameters ? Thanks

Follow Lars advice and read the “Installation & System Management” PDF manual (w1w1ism.pdf) located in the Doc folder of your Product CD. For version 2.60, you can find the instructions in chapter 1.6 “Running more than one server”. The paragraph Two Servers on the Same Computer, Both Using TCP/IP starts on page 28. For the second server, you must copy the Installation folder to your machine instead of installing it as usual.