Installing more than one server (3.10A)

It looked so easy: installing a second Navision server on a Windows2000 server, but unfortunately it was not succesfull. First i installed a client on the server and then the first server both using the standard setup from the product CD. The first Navision server uses it’s own database. The server is in a seperate map on the server (d:\navisionserver\310\server1) Both client and server work fine (after reboot). Next i want to install the second server (in map d:\navisionserver\310\server2) again using the standard setup from the cd. This server also uses it’s own database and is located in a seperate map. This doesn’t work: instead of the option of installing a new server i only have the choice between repair and remove. There is probably a hard way of installing more than one server, but can it be done through the standard setup? Thanks for the responses. Hans

Hello Hans, in fact it doesn’t only look easy, it is easy - but you need to know how, as in many cases [:D] 1) there are already a couple of posts that explain the installation of a second server… simply do a search for “install second server”. 2) the installation guide explains how to do so… chpater 1.6, page 28… 3) simply copy the directory of your server installation, and proceed with the changes in hosts file and services file and start the service… you do not need to install the program a second time. Saludos Nils

I followed these instructions. And first everything was working fine until server processes failed. Then we tried to start servers and everything went wrong. The background is that we have an Attain server and two 2.6 server. As long as there were these installations everything was fine. Then I had to install second 2.6 server. Today I tried to start server but nothing happened. Once again I started servers from start: servername=servername1 and so on. Yes it worked, but somehow it started Attain server with 2.6 db. I cleaned all server zup-files and tried again. After several starts the right server with right database started, and I did not change on my start command. All seemed to be fine under system32/drivers folder, so I cannot imagin that where the problem came from. Has anybody any experince of installing this many servers? Thanks for the responses. Lena

Ok, this one was easy. I made all the shortcuts again with specific targets to servers and databases. Lena