Incorrect Document Defaults

Hi I seem to have a problem retaining the document defaults on navision 1.30b. Whenever I goto to print a purchase order the paper size in the printer properties shows Letter but i have checked the windows settings and they show A4 as it should be. I have reinstalled the drivers and done other things to try and get navision to get the right settings but all have failed. HELP!!!

Hi Justin! Well, I don’t know what Report-Features there are in NF 1.30, but maybe some of this could help: 1. Set the Report-Property “PaperSize” (if available) to A4, this should “overrule” the printer settings 2. Run the report, and before selecting “Print” or “Preview” do a “Page Setup” (Menu “File”). There you could select the printer, page-format, etc., and this configuration would be saved (in the ZUP-file?). 3. Make sure, that the “Default Document Properties” of the printer are set right! Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Hi Jörg That worked perfectly. Many thanks Justin