Printing length

I have to print with a matrix-printer on a sheet, which is a little bit more than the regular A4-size. I have set tear off and first line of printing. But after the first page, the printer feeds to the position of A4-size. How can I get the printer to print and feed correctly? What is page length in Navision?

Look at the general properties of the report. You can set the paper size there. If you also specify a specific printer, the paper size properties from that printerdriver will (should) become available to you. To see the general properties, put the cursor on an empty line in the list of DataItems in the report designer, then click the properties button on the toolbar. John

I recommend to set up the papersize by defining a user-defined paper format within the printer-driver rather than trying to define the papersize within Navision. The latter - as you found out - doesn’t work anyway. In NT it’s a little bit tricky to define paper formats: Start Control Panel → Printers and right-click somewhere in the window but NOT(!!!) on a specific printer!! Just somewhere below of the last existing printer. Define your paper format using the appropriate functions and make this new user-defined paper format the default for this particular printer. As far as I know there’s no possibility to copy printer-driver settings or formats so you might have to repeat this exercice for each client who will access this printer. To test, make sure that pressing FormFeed on the printer does feeds the paper correctly. With this background you don’t need to do program anything within Navision as Navision will read the page-settings of the printer and arrange the report output accordingly. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872