Paper size issue

I have set up a server where we have installed Navision and the Navision development environment. WE have developed a cheque report that prints on Dot Matrix printer. A print server has been installed and a paper size “HSBC” has been createdWhen printing from the NAV server, the cheque prints perfectly. Everything fits well in the preprinted cheques.

Now we have installed a machine with NAV client.The same printer has been setup on the machine and with the same print driver as above and the paper size “HSBC” has been created same as above and assigned to the printer.

However when printing from the client, before printing we goes to the printer preferences and check the printer preferences. WE noticed that the printer does not keep the paper size “HSBC” that we set on windows->printer and devices. Instead in Navision the paper size is “Letter” and the printing is not aligned.

CAn you please help us to keep the paper size “HSBC” in NAV. Note that we are using NAV 2013 R2 and Windows server 2012

Thanks for your help.


Domela Putten