Importing Message


When am trying to import some class it showing some message.

Unable to import

Trying to import Class AOTDigger with ID 50003
ID already held by Class SampleWSCode


How can i change the new class id for importing.

i face the same problem couple of times.but not sme class and same id.

Help me

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While import you will be having an option - Import With ID Values - Uncheck this option during the import - then the system will automatically create a new id for the importing object.

Hai Kranthi,

thank u ,now it is working.And i have another doubt,what is the main use of the Lable File Id.

Label file ID

There are some lable file id 's area available in Ax2009.where can i get the detailed information about these LableFile Id’s.As of now am using only PHR.suggest me.

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What are all label you create in ax will be stored label files.

They filename will be have an extension of “.ald”. example - AXPHRen-us.ald (PHR - is your label file created)(en-us - language which ax is using/in which the label file is created).

These label files you can see in Application folder.(where the application files are installed) Example - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Application\Appl.

During the import can import with labels. And you can select into which label file the labels need to be imported during import of an XPO.

Hai Kranthi,

Thank’s for clarification

Hi naresh

ADJ,CCT…etc, are modules names(may be).In tools–>Developmenttools---->label—>label log