Hallo all,

Kindly help, I’m getting the following error while trying to import a project into Dynamics AX 2012 - “One or more arguments are invalid.”

Is it a compilation error in imported code or what are you talking about?


I’m receiving the same error. It is on import of XPO file in AX 2012 R3. The XPO is created on different environment but also on R3.

Any clues?

Can you answer my question?

can you send the xpo here ?

It’s not a compilation error in imported code, it’s just a pop-up message showing after you click Ok on the import form.

No, I cannot send the XPO here as it is part of development. I’ve checked the XPO visually just if I could notice something but there was nothing unusual.

Can you please show us the call stack leading to the error? Also, which release of AX and CU do you use?

I think I’ve found the problem, I have changes in the GL menu in the XPO, it’s not customization but configuration key enabled feature. I’ll try to switch on the same feature in the target environment and tell you if it works.

Yes, that was the problem, different configurations in source and target environments although they are the same versions 6.3.164. So, the solution is to enable the same configurations on the target environment in System Administration–>Setup–>Licensing–>License configuration.

After some time the import error showed again although the configurations were aligned. So after further investigation I found out that it occurs only on import with “Application objects and labels”. So the error is in the new label file from the source environment which is not yet visible in the target environment. Workaround and only solution that I could think-up is to export label file from the source environment and create labels from file in the target environment.