Import Bank statement

Hi all, i am new to nav. Please tell me how to import bank statement for bank reco.

Normally, Partners develop local AddOns for this purpose and offer these to their clients.

How it is done, depends on several issues -

  • does your country has a standart interface/protocol defined, which all banks then use? In that case it’s easier, otherwise you (your Partner) must create a separate addon for each and every bank where your company has accounts.
  • have you electronic banking at all, or all you have is a hardcopy of bank statement? Electronic banking systems usually allow you to do both ways transactions - your payment orders, prepared in Navision, are sent to bank, and incoming payments plus bank commision transactions are delivered back to you as CSV/XML/some dedicated format files.

I am from india, my client, will ready to put data in the format which we provide. in this how we can do this

Hi Shonali

Ask your client to give the data as csv file.Once you received that file you can import using Dataports.


Jerome Marshal. J

Hi Sonali,

you can create a dataport since your the one who provide to your client the format. take note its more easy if the data is in csv format and have the fields syncronized to NAV tables so you wont get any problem when you import the data.