BAI Bank Administration Institute statement file import

I need help to find out if there is already an interface available: we need to import bank statement information to NAV bank reconciliation from a file format called BAI2 or BAI2a as it is called at the Bank of America (BAI2a is containing century information vs. BAI2). Bank of America is the bank we will get the file from.

The NAV customer version I am working with is technically 5.00 SP1, object version UK 4.00 SP2. A German banking application has been renumbered, imported and adapted to create Bank of America payment files.

Anyone knows of a bank interface for BAI2? Maybe the North American version?

I do have the file format specification but I am still hoping someone has already programmed an interface that my customer can purchase.

Hi Jorg,

Did you find the interface?

No, not yet. [:(]
Just returned from an Italy vacation, so the reply is late. [;)]

Dear i develop such type of Parser for document parsing & Transaction Processing. in txt & csv file format.

if ur intersted two develop application for above file format processing then send me detail .


Thank you for your reply,

but the request is not valid anymore. I did program a solution for the customer that is productive for a year now (afaik). I am actually not active for this customer.

@admins: I would mark the post as closed (but no solution) if there would be possibility. [:)]