Online Banking Integration with Navision

Dear all, I have a Client who would like to impliment online banking within Navision. Is there any one with experience implimenting such a sytem. Basically, I think that there has to be some coding, but probably some NSC has already done an Add-on. If so, what does it take to have it running? I await your response. Regards Robert

Hi Robert, What do you mean by “Implement Online banking with Navision”. We have done quite a bit of integration which involves automatic updation of the banking statements. For this you will have to contact the bank concerned and get the file format followed by them. Can you be more specific as to which banking activity does your customer want to implement.

Hi, I am in the process of integrating Navision with USA banking standards (NACHA files). The version is available for USA customers but works for direct deposits and electronic payments while we deal with billing clients and collecting money via bank drafts. So you might want to look what’s available for the USA market. Denis Petrov

Hi Robert As far as I know, there is no “International Standard” regarding file formats for bank data exchange (if there is one, I would be glad to know), so you will have to investigate what are the standards that aply to you. He in Spain, banks have a standard file format for data exchange and my system is integrated with my bank systems. I can charge my clients, pay my providers and employees and receive bank statements without cutting a single Amazonian tree [:p] Regards Santiago

Thank you all for your kind responses. Basically, I know that there is no standard format, and that this kind of solution would involve the Bank for consent, and therefore the format. I imagine (stand to be corrected) that it actually depends on what system the Bank is running. Most Banks here run Bank Master. My Client sounded confident Standard Chartered would give the info, or at least we thought they have done it before so they would. Therefore basically my thinking is two fold: 1. That there could be someone with an Add-on, in the ranks of a Bank Product e.g. for Bank Master 2. Since this kind of Integration is not all about a text file, I would consider it simpler for me to approach it from a point of view of modifying a working solution for a specific text format. So what would it take me to get your solution with say view 2. above? Tables, Forms, e.t.c and Programming hours? How easy is it to impliment and what are the pre-requisites so to speak. Do you foresee aa situation where I will need you to come over or rather specific qualifications and experience that I need/must exists either in our NSC or at the Client’s site to have this working? Clarification: What I mean by Online Banking is that the user can carry out a Bank Transaction from Navision and it occurs in the Bank, (and/or the reverse - am not sure). Actually this is just the rough idea. I havent discussed in depth with Client, but thought people have done it. What exactly does your system do guys (Denis?) who did this already? Brief Description of Client System: Running Attain W1, on a WAN, implimented VPN and able to log into database from 3 sites that are at least 30KM apart and enter data live into the database. Using Navision Database Server, and running on a Windows 2000 Server for the LAN. Running a Linux Server for the WAN connectivity. Denis, am interested. How can I have a copy of it or whatever it is you are at liberty to give? rohkam, what do you mean by “automatic updation of the banking statements”?

Our system submits (well, will soon) bank drafts (an order to withdraw $x dollars from few thousands bank accounts of our customers) to our bank via TCP/IP and then downloads data from the bank about what transactions went through and which did not. These records then being transfered to Customer History. The system when you instruct the bank to PAY certain vendors/employees already exists.