Bank Statement Import MT940

Hello! A Customer of us is using the Bank-Software StarMoney. From this Programm he makes an Export using the MT940 Format. When he wants to import this File into Navision 3.70 via Dataport “Bank Statement Imp. MT940” (ID 5001906), there’s an error Message, because the Dataprot doesn’t separate the strings. Has anyone had the same problem and is there a solution? I think that the Problem isn’t the .sta - file but rahter the navision-Dataport. Thanks a lot! Karin

Hello! Are the correct entries in the “Bank Interface” (you can find it in the Payments Setup)? Otherwise you’ll get an error… I know that Multi Cash and PC-Cash (for example) have different entries. Andreas

Hello Andreas, i think, for the MT940-Format, you don’t need to create a bank interface, because its just formatted from the German Central Bank. I got no anwer from Microsoft until today, but i think, Navision works with an old MT940-Format, which isn’t actual. Is it possible, that nobody worked with this format in navision? Is there another possibility to import the data from starmoney to navision?

Hello adebahrk, In my opinion you need to create a bank interface. We use the import in MT940 to get the STA-File from the banking software Cash Management. The import works with no problem. I can send you our bank interface ( in Navision you can import /export the interfaces) - just send me an email. We have an other problem with this function: The recognizing of the imported bank document lines won’t work very well. I don’t know starmoney very well - but isn’t there an exportfunction to xls or csv or something like that?

Hello Karin, which error message does your customer get exactly? Herbert

Dear Andreas,

I’m trying to export payment information from NAV 5.0 to import it into MultiCash (Cash Managment module) to communicate with the bank (the setup is done and it works manually, we just want to avoid typing the payment information twice).

Would you please let me know the file format that I can use to export from NAV to import it into MultiCash?

Thank you in advance!

Dear all,

We found the solution for the export to MultiCash. It is done with “Payment Journal => Function => Vendor Payment File” option. (Germany NAV version).

I hope it may help you.