How to split merged license..?

Dear All,
I am very dissappointing with navision. I have 2 licenses, one
has expired and one is not. However, the unexpire license merged
into the expired license that I kdon’t know how could it be happened
meanwhile both licenses are not in the same folder. So, the new license
replaced the expired license but the license name is not merge.

First license issued to A (zipped), 2nd license to B

When I opened A, it is written license B, when I open B, it’s ok. when extracted A, the license issued to C meanwhile beforehand it is A.

<deleted - DS>

What is your relationship with Navision? Are you an end-user or do you work for a Microsoft Partner (NSC). You seem to be asking questions about the basic install and setup of Navision. Navision does not merge licenses and the only ones that expire are NSC licenses (developer). End user license do not expire. If you work for a partner I would suggest you get your company to invest in some training.


please keep your language to an acceptable level, especially when you are wrong in what you are saying about Navision.

There is no such thing as a “Merged licence”, in fact what has happened is that you are trying to use a Partner licence as an end user, which is not allowed. Or if you are a partner, then you need to contact Microsoft and ask them to issue you a new licence.

At this point I am not sure if you are a partner or an end user. So please update your profile to indicate your status. But the error is either that you as an NSC have not been to Navision training (where you would have learnt about licences) or you as an end user are trying to use your NSCs licence. Either way, don’t abuse Navision and Microsoft, with this language.

I am very happy to see the effort you are making to learn Navision, and I guess you are aiming to become a Navision developer or Consultant, but keep the language proper, and read carefully the replies you get, and answer the questions. Do not ignore the people that are trying to help you.