license problem

previously i used a navision license which recently expired but now when i start my navision i need to change my license every time i start my navision. is there a way to make navision know i m using the new license not the old expired one? is this setting somewhere in the registry? i try import but its still the same

Hi, Delete .ZUP file and use import button to import the new license.

i tried that but it still says my program license have expired.

what shall i do? i get this message saying my license have expired every time i run my navision

Hi spiral, Clients gets the license fra the server, so you must upload the new license to the server. You do that by connecting to the server and the import the new license.

If you are getting the Messsage before connecting,the reason for Message is existence of an expired license on your local computer. The solution is to delete the expired xxx.flf license from the directory where navision is installed on your machine. If the Message is coming after you connect to the Server, the reason is existence of a expired license on the Server. Upload the new license to Server, it should solve your problem.[8D]