Does End user licence expires?

dear all, my company is in a mess. we have been using Navision for several years without paying any renewal fee. now we just upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009 and the consultant is telling us to pay for license renewal.

Please somebody assist, are we suppose to pay or what are the criterial of licence renewal, doest it exist or not, and if it is, it is for the developer or the end user license that expires?



The end user license does not expire so you can use your existing product for ever. But your issue here is that you want to upgrade, so you need a new license.

In addition to what David said already:

If you haven’t paid “maintenance” for several years, you are not eligible for new version free of charge.

If you need/want to upgrade, you have 2 options:

  • pay for “maintenance” backwards for the period you didn’t do it (at higher % rate) plus one year in advance, and get new version licensed free of charge
  • “forget” about unpaid maintenace and buy the new version license at it’s full price, as if you haven’t had Navision at all.

Which approach to choose, depends on how long you haven’t paid maintenance. If it is several years, it can be cheaper to buy a new license, ask your Partner to calculate both scenarios for you.

Reading between the lines the partner has upgraded a customer without maintenance and now the partner license used to do this has expired [:D]

How else is it possible to upgrade as stated, but not be on maintenance - the customers license would not be keyed for 2009 so could not be used.

Now to get themselves out of a mess they created the partner is insisting on the customer buying a new license. I watch the outcome with interest!! [:D]

I think you are right. If so this is pretty bad. I don’t see any way to solve this.