Renewal of License - Microsoft Dynamic Nav

Hey guys,

I received an invoice for SGD 7,500 for ''Microsoft Dynamics Navision - Annual License Renewal".

My service provider tells me that the ‘End User License’ does not expire and I may continue to use the product as I own the rights to it.

However, they insist that we renew the license because if we face any problems in the future we will not be entitled to the so-called “patches” or solutions Microsoft offers.

Furthermore, I am told that Microsoft is imposing penalties on us as we do now want to renew and we will have to pay these so-called penalties.

Firstly, is all of the above information correct? and;

Secondly, what are the pros and cons of renewing vs not renewing the license?

Please do help!


Hi, It is Microsoft call as AEP (Annual enhancement plan).i think it is 16% of total lic cost per year.with this you are protected from price incerese and any new release is free. if you dont want still nav will work.but you will not get updates.if it is not paid before expiry it you will loose price protection and fine also charged.

In addition to what’s already said: you will not be able to add something to your existing license --say, some AddOn, or buy additional objects for customisation purposes-- if you do not pay the annual fee.

In other words, your license is “frozen” - it will not expire, but even minor changes / updates are not possible.

To add to what Modris said, that means you cannot add any additional users to your license if your business expands.

How long have you been using Navision? Is this a brand new install and you are just about to buy Navision now, or have you been using Navision a year and this is your first renewal.

In either case I am shocked that a user would find this out when they get an invoice, your partner should have discussed this with you the day you first started talking pricing in the sales process, way before you ever signed anything or even talked about the actual details of your project implementation.

The only reason I could understand this is if you are new to the company and thus it was an internal communications mistake in your company.

how to have this “Renewal of License” from Microsoft?

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Hey guys,

Thanks for all your replies!

Just to clarify: we did know that we were getting in to the AEP. We were just wanting to understand the implications of not wanting to renew.


The Implications of not getting AEP renewel is explained in all above post


The partner has provided this client a developer license at the price of End User License. I dnt know that they have given them any end user license or not .Now my question is that here only 5 days are left , why i am not getting any warning message for License expiration. Also after expiration can i modify tables, forms or reports ,with the same dev license.? A single dev license can be used at maxmum how many diff places /DB? If this client is really cheated in the name of enduser license than what further actions the client can take against partner.?

Product Line : Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Ready

Product Edition : Advanced Management

Country : India

Language : English (US)

Created Date : 8/3/2011 11:29:16 PM (-07:00)

Expires : 8/5/2013

Configuration : XYZ Pvt.Ltd

Once developer license expires then you can not do any kind of modification after the expiry date

For any kind of modification you need to change the date of machine to backward and then you can do modification

For finding out you need to logged in on Customer source so we will get clear idea of client license and then you can take this case to MS

A license that list an expiration date is NOT a customer license. But rather a Partner or other restricted access licenes. There is absolutely NO reason for an end-user customer to ever have such a license.

Could the date be in US format and therefore the expiration is August 5th and not May 8th? But still doesn’t address why the client has this license in the first place.

Thanks Amol & babrown…

It can be acceptable that the expiry date of dev license may be august 5th not may 8. I got a mail from regarding the renewal of service plan. here there was no any query about license.Mean while i searched the license file on server & fortunately i got the company/ end user license. so the problem is solved. but i just want to know can i request my partner for other developer license ? as my developer license is going to expire which is must for any customization in nav .otherwise changing the system date and do modification with the same license is the last option as amol said.


You are not entitled to that license. What you are referring to as the “Developer License” would appear to be a “Partner” or other restricted access license. An end-user customer is not entitled to have such a license. I don’t know how you got it. But you should not have it.

If you want to be able to develop in your system, you should purchase the appropriate development granules and have them added to your customer license.

For having developer license you need to become Partner or contact Microsoft.

I know the phrase gets thrown around a lot, but there is no such thing as a Developer License. You cannot purchase a Developer License.

Hello Guys

Sorry to jump into your thread of License discussion. I just want to clarify a few things for you:

-The above mentioned License file is SOLELY for usage by the Dynamics NAV Partner and should NEVER be installed or used by a end-user.

  • A end-user license file does NEVER expire even if you jump out of the service plan.

  • Some of the above users says that as a end-user you cannot buy a Developer License, this is not entirely true.

As a end-user you can buy a Application Builder license (Granule 7200) - price is USD 8000 and a Solution Developer License (Granule 7300) for a price of USD 28,000 - In order to buy Solution Developer you also have to buy Application Builder, and a standard NAV 2009/2013. Notice that you will not have the exapt same possibilities as the Partner Developer License, for example some of the posting codeunits can not be changed.

Ask your NAV partner for more information about these possibilities.


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Now some clarification of the clarification. [:)]

I still say you can’t purchase a developer license because there is no such thing. What I said early was “…If you want to be able to develop in your system, you should purchase the appropriate development granules and have them added to your customer license…”. This does not give you a separate “Developer License”, as the phrase "buy a developer license might be understood. But rather add design/development capabilities to the end-user license.

In terms of limitations, the end-user can only develop within objects for which they are licensed.

The Solution Developer granule grants access to protected tables. So with this granule, an end-user can modify posting code.

What the end user won’t have is access to partner specific object ranges. On example are the ranges used by things like the upgrade toolkits. An end user license is unable to use this object range.

It’ always fascinating to find a end user installation running with a partner licence :wink:

What’s more concerning is that the post from “Rajeev Ranjan” seems to imply that a partner license was misrepresented and sold to an end user.